More on Ghost Migration

So, I've moved over to Ghost to get away from Wordpress. There was just too much there that I wasn't using, and thus a bit of an unnecessary use of resources.

I like self-hosting, so Ghost made sense as a lightweight site with some options for the future. It was much, much easier to setup with NGINX, and didn't have as many weird quirky things that I needed to manually edit on the code side like WP had.

I need to migrate my old posts over. I have the export from the WP to Ghost plugin, but it seems that Ghost doesn't like it. Ah well, if I need to powershell from Json to human readable and copy and paste, so be it!

I'm going to try to use this more actively than my previous blog. Less all-technical, but more slice of life type content.

Then I just need to sort out what goes on Mastodon vs here.

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